Why Choose Indian Singles UK?

Largest Active Users Base

Because we cover every device under the sun, this enables Indian Singles UK to tap into a large amount of single Indians that live in the UK.

No Spam Messages

Via our message requests feature, you can be selective in who you want to talk to.

Real Time Chat

No more refreshing and miss-communication, talk to singles in real time!

We love minimalism

Aesthetically perfect, usable, useful, and simple to use.

Checked & Vetted

Unlike other dating agencies, we check and vet our members to give you the quality that you are looking for.

Message Notifications

Say goodbye to checking your app for messages, let the app do the hard work for you.

Your Profile

Tourism app for business work on smarphone and tablet iOS and Android
Keep your profile updated easily with our sleek, clean interface to show other singletons who you are and what you are looking for.

Tailored Events

Indian Singles UK is a platform to interact with other people on multiple levels. We hold unique events for you to meet singles in person. Our events are exclusive and across the country. We have everything under one roof for you!

MESSAGES & Notifications

Make a connection! Start chatting to singletons on our instant messaging platform and receive real-time notifications when they reply.

News Feed

Our very own interactive news feed to keep you updated with all our events, blogs and more importantly with who is on our website !

Fast Registration

A few easy steps and you are registered in a matter of seconds.

Dynamic Menu

Browse through our seamless menu and quickly get to the service you require.

Don't Have A Mobile?

That's ok, all our mobile app features are synchronised on our website also. Which basically means if you have our website open, you can do everything that one would expect from a mobile app, including real time chat, and notifications.